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When it comes to a wide variety of smoking devices, you name it, we’ve got it.  Whether you’re looking for water pipes, tobacco pipes, vaporizers or other smoking devices, we at Randy's Smoke - N – Holes carry an assortment of styles and sizes in the latest name brands.  Whether you are more of a cigar and tobacco smoker, or are an herbal substance smoker, no matter your unique lifestyle choice, we have a multitude of smoking devices appropriate just for you.

Our headshop features an endless supply of tobacco pipes!

Smoke Shop Greenville, SCWith dozens of colors, styles and sizes to choose from, a favorite for many who head into our head shop is the huge selection of tobacco pipes.  Here at Randy's Smoke - N – Holes, we are continuously offering the latest alternatives for your preferred way to puff.  Everything from the newest and coolest glass-blown pipes and rainbow glass, metal pipes and hand-crafted wood pipes, to one hitters, clay pipes, meerschaum pipes, electric pipes, steamrollers and chillums, we’ve got it.  

Head Shop Greenville, SCDepending on your desired smoking experience we carry plenty of pieces that supply different results for your diverse smoking requirements.  Whether your taste buds would rather receive a smoother pull than a harsher one, a bigger pull, or one that is affected by the metallic taste-enhancing element of the bowl, our staff can help you browse through our collection while keeping as close as possible to exactly what you’re looking for.  We have an extensive collection of water pipes, available in glass, metal and acrylic, to other types such straight and multi-chambered water pipes and more, our smoke shop is happy to produce a gallery-like array of colorful, captivating, and creative pieces, big or small, perfect for your smoking needs.

We have been serving Greenville, Columbia, Anderson, SC and Athens, GA for years!

The smoking devices don’t stop there!  Are you intrigued by other world cultures and their home region’s ways of tobacco and herbal substance smoking?  Are you a substance-sensitive smoker looking for a not so rough way to inhale?  Originating in India, smoking flavored tobacco known as Shisha, has grown vastly throughout the world and is now a popular concept at our head shop as well.  Here at  Randy's Smoke - N – Holes, we carry an assortment of artistically designed hookahs for single and multiple smoking experiences, in many shapes and sizes, along with favorable flavored shishas. 

Join the new trend and purchase a vaporizer from Randy's Smoke -N- Holes!

Head Shop Anderson, SCAs a growing trend, inhaling vapor with hardly any of the harmful substances of tobacco has also become a popular choice at our smoke shop.  Depending on your lifestyle and needs there’s a vaporizer for everyone; take a look through our variety of brands and styles including electronic, mechanical and mobile vaporizers.

It’s not only about what you choose to smoke, but how you smoke it.  Whether your favorite fix is aimed towards tobacco, cigars, or other herbal substances, Randy's Smoke - N – Holes carries a huge selection of quality, hand-crafted pieces, suitable for all of your smoking desires.